The group partners

Ordre des experts comptables

Orders of expert accountants

A national institution that ensures respect for professional ethics defines standards and develops the national accounting doctrine. Presentation of the business and general information on accountants and accounting firms. General information on the missions.



Kacius is an independent wealth management consulting firm located in Paris. Every day we support our clients as well as those of our partners in the realization of their investment projects (real estate tax-free Pinel, Malraux, Historical Monuments, Censi-Bouvard ...), savings and investment. We also offer a bank brokerage service (real estate credit, borrower insurance, credit redemption). The strategies we develop are tailor-made and adapted to each profile and objective.

Afip tpe

Afip Tpe

The communication network at the service of local stakeholders whose mission is to bring together entrepreneurs from our region, carrying investment projects, value creators and lenders wishing to support a local economy by participating in crowd funding citizen for an economy local, strong, citizen, and independent.

Domiciliation et permanence téléphonique

Bleu Voyelle

The company Bleu Voyelle carries out the formalities of the companies. That goes through the creation of the company, a change of direction; the sale of the shares or an increase of capital ... BLEU VOYELLE releases the solution which will suit you.

Cafes preteur

Cafés Preteur

Build relationships between citizen-lenders and micro-businesses to enable them to finance their development. At first these meeting places open in the Paris region: five departments, in a dozen cities on average per department.



Young Accountants and Auditors Club, founded in 1983, aims, in the wake of the National Association of Accountants and Auditors Trainees which helped to obtain the diploma Of accountants, to contribute to the development of young graduates during the first years of installation.

Sage comptabilité

Software Sage (Accounting’s software)

Sage boosts the success of companies and their communities thanks to its innovative solutions, the expertise and creativity of its employees. Find the right Sage software for your needs: accounting solutions, quote and invoice management, customer relations, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), payroll and human resources.

IGCA France


Accounting and Auditing Firm, develops for you consulting, Expertise, Audit and Assistance missions, creating value. Creator, Reseller, Craftsman, Trader, Liberal Profession,small or micro-businesses, medium sized businesses, medium sized industries and Mid-size Company. This firm meets all of your needs. Chartered Accountant Marseille.

CRCC Paris


The mission of the Paris CRCC is to supervise and assist the statutory auditors.

Annuaire La denise

La Denise

With its strong reputation and its seniority in the sector, the free directory La Denise has a bright future. Whether you are a SEO, a leader of a company deserving its place in the directory or simple surfer wanting to publicize his blog or his small site, know that you are all welcome if you know how to write a unique and consistent description.

El annuaire

El annuaire

EL is a free internet directory of all the websites of the world, classified in all the favorite categories of the Net surfers.