The founder of the group

Mr. Nima CHAFII, a young and dynamic accountant and auditor, passionate about the world of business.

His modern and unique vision of the corporate world has allowed him to found the Chafii Fiduciary Group which is a young, modern and dynamic Group. His idea has always been to support business leaders beyond the traditional missions of public accounting. In fact, the Chafii Fiduciary Group emanates from the desire of its leader to create a multi-disciplinary and inter-professional Group serving the small and medium-sized businesses.

The word of the president

Mr. Nima Chafii, an expert - accountant, auditor, a visionary and dynamic business accountant, knowledgeable about the needs of all small or micro business and medium sized business, he founded and directed the Chafii Fiduciary Group, a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the issues of all small or micro business, medium sized business by offering full service. Chartered accountant, auditor, lawyer, consultant, company domiciliation, hotline, etc… the Chafii Fiduciary Group is present everywhere in the service of business leaders.

He thinks that a business manager of the Chafii Fiduciary Group should be able to be accompanied by the latter in all areas without having recourse to other professionals because the Chafii Fiduciary Group is an integrated group, and be a customer of the Chafii Fiduciary group means being accompanied in all areas.

Its ambition is to establish the CHAFII FIDUCIARY GROUP throughout France (the CHAFII Fiduciary Group is already present in Courbevoie, Montpellier, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Colmar, Avignon) and close to the business leaders, because it is aware that these small businesses constitute 90% of the French economy and that unfortunately they are very often abandoned and poorly accompanied.

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