Statutory auditor & contributions

The Chafii Fiduciary Group, statutory auditor, also appointed as the contribution auditor. We intervene in any type of company and control, audit and publish your report.

About the statutory auditor

Chafii Fiduciary is also a firm of auditors, the appointment of it is for a period of 6 years .

An auditor carries out an approved profession in all the countries of the European Union. It is an actor outside the company whose role is to control the sincerity and regularity of the annual accounts established by a company or other institution, and for that purpose to carry out an accounting and financial audit. This is a legal mission; however it can be decided voluntarily by public limited companies and joint-stock companies that are subject to legal control, regardless of their size (law of 1st March 1984).

Their permanent mission is:

  • To check the books and values of the entity.
  • To check the regularity and the sincerity of the accounts.
  • To ensure the fairness of the information given in the management report and in the documents sent to the partners with respect to the financial position and the accounts of the entity
  • To check in public limited companies, that the equality of partners has been respected

These various controls cannot relate to the appropriateness of the management actions, nor may they lead to interference by the statutory auditors in the management of said entity.

About the contribution commissioner

The Group is also appointed as a contribution commissioner by the Paris Commercial Court.

As a contribution commissioner, it is the person in charge of assessing their value in kind (local, vehicle, etc.) made by a partner or a shareholder during the creation of a company or during an increase in capital. In addition, we must determine the number of units or shares allocated to the partner making this type of contribution.

The firm Chafii Fiduciary is the expert who appreciates the value of contributions that is made under his responsibility. We must write a report describing the method of evaluation adopted


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