Our consulting offers

Our financial consultants work in the accounting, finance and management market, in both English and French. They are at your disposal to engage in immersion in your companies, in France and internationally. We offer a wide range of consulting offers, established after studying your file and delivering a precise estimate.

Consultant financier

Jamshid Ravari

Financial Consultant

Chafii Fiduciary Headquarter
77, Quai Maréchal Joffre 92400 Courbevoie

French Tax regulation

French tax regulations are one of the most complex in the world, and their correct interpretation requires the most up-to-date academic training and an indispensable practice. Any company in possession of subsidiaries on the French territory must answer them. Having qualified and trained staff from their respective countries is difficult, almost impossible. As a result, they often use financial consultants.

At the same time, recruitment in France requires time, in-depth technical knowledge of legislation and therefore constraints. Following many requests we then set up a consulting offer.

Chafii Fiduciary International

Our missions extend in France and internationally, for periods ranging from one to six months, as well as several years.

In the heart of French entrepreneurship, we are fed daily with our regulatory news. Our consultants are then selected on precise criteria and adapted to each request. They intervene in immersion within your company, preformed and operational to meet your needs.

Having a professional maturity, as much on the financial market as the market of the accounting, they perfectly control the economy, the taxation, the legal needs peculiar to the company, as well as English.

Our consulting Experts

Experienced Accountants, Financial Consultant, Financial Controller, Financial & Accounting Manager, Financial & Accounting Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Analyst. Engineer in financial integration system.

"Clarity is the power"