A contribution commissioner

The Chafii Fiduciary group intervenes in all of the Statutory Auditor, also appointed as the contribution commissioner: We intervene in any type of company and control, audit and publish your report.

Contribution commissionner

Contribution operations have far-reaching consequences and require special skills.

Addressing the right professional is an absolute necessity. If you wish to appoint us as the contribution auditor, or if you wish to submit to the President of the Commercial Court, subject to his assessment, our firm to ensure a mission of auditors.

The appointment of the contribution commissioner takes place by court decision at the request of the founders or the directors of the companies benefiting from the contributions.

When creating or increasing the capital of a company, the founders may decide to make a contribution in cash, but also to bring goods in kind (buildings, business, machinery, equipment, goods, patents, trademarks, claims).

Are you looking for a contribution commissioner ?

Le The contribution commissioner is a professional figure selected from the list of auditors or judicial experts at the Court of Appeal.

Its mission is to assess under its responsibility the value of property contributed to a company upon its incorporation or during a capital increase and, where applicable, that of the special benefits stipulated at the time of incorporation or increase. of capital.

The Commissioner then submits an evaluation report which is filed with the Trade and Companies Registry. This report is attached to the articles of incorporation. .

About a Contribution commissionner

The Group is also appointed as an investment auditor by the Paris Commercial Court.

As a contribution commissioner, it is the person in charge of assessing their value in kind (local, vehicle, etc.) made by a partner or a shareholder during the creation of a company or during an increase in capital. In addition, we must determine the number of units or shares allocated to the partner making this type of contribution.

The firm Chafii Fiduciary is the expert who appreciates the value of contributions that is made under his responsibility.We must write a report describing the method of evaluation adopted.

Why to appoint a contribution commissioner?

When a company is created, the partners must make contributions in order to constitute the share capital of the company. In the case of contributions in kind, a contribution commissioner must be appointed in certain cases. The latter will be responsible for validating the valuation of the goods brought.

It is mandatory to appoint a contribution auditor when contributions in kind are provided for in the context of the creation of a Limited liability company (LLC), Public limited Company, Single member limited liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Single shareholding Simplified Joint Stock Company.

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