Business creation

Steps to start a business

The accounting firm, Chafii Fiduciary specializes in business creation takes care of all your efforts, from the drafting of the statutes until obtaining the Kbits. For this purpose, we organize first of all a meeting with our accountant (this one is free), during which we evoke all the parameters of your project. That's why we proceed in stages for business creation.

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Business creation

The different steps for business creation are as the following:

  • MARKET STUDY : First, we evaluate your personal situation.
  • BUSINESS PLAN : We analyze your objectives together, point by point.
  • CHOOSE YOUR LOCAL : You tell us about your needs, your projects.
  • REGISTRATION and DECLARATION : We then identify all possibilities for tax and legal optimization.

We often find that the arrangements always differ from one company to another, and that the cases are never the same. That's why it's important to never compare your project to another business situation. Because what will be determining in the construction of your project, it is your situation, its environment and your objective of development.

Once all the diagrams are synthesized and the project clearly defined, we proceed to the drafting of the statutes, and begin the many steps to achieve until the KBIS.

Your interlocutors

Our experts and consultants are your interlocutors and your trusted partners for all operations, be they (that they are of order):

  1. TAXATION :Analysis and advice on the most appropriate tax regimes
  2. LEGAL :Restructuring, modification, creation
  3. ACCOUNTING :Advice, management, organization advice

As you develop, then on a daily basis, we readjust together the most appropriate optimizations.

Whatever the question you ask yourself, in any case, do not hesitate to contact Chafii Fiduciary, accounting firm (Paris) and make an appointment with our accountants, it is free. It will allow you to make a clear point about your situation.

"Clarity is the power"