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Mission of Chafii Fiduciary Expertise

Chafii Fiduciary Group offers its accounting expertise to support your company in its development. We manage the bookkeeping of your company, the establishment of annual accounts, pay slips, social and tax declarations, contractual audits of accounts, audits of evaluations. The missions proposed by your firm are multiple, varied and adapted to each business case.

Helping you to manage and grow your business requires regular accounting monitoring of your financial, taxes, social and legal organization. We plan regular and thorough actions, with precise timing for all of your current contractor obligations. Beyond the outfit, it's a daily accounting expertise you benefit from.

What is a Chartered accountant?

'' Chartered accountant '' is a professional title issued after registration on the roll of the order of accountants: it allows to work as a liberal, alone or associated with colleagues. The accounting degree also allows you to practice in companies as an employee. Medium and large companies are hiring accounting graduates. The proposed positions are: management control, financial management, internal audit.

The accountant intervenes, checks the accounts during the balance sheet, and prepares periodic reports and provisional accounts. More and more often, it is associated with the management choices of a company. The managers then ask him for legal, tax, social and financial advice to improve the performance of their company. The accountant checks and records all financial transactions of the company. It reports flows of money from customers or to suppliers, employees, the Treasury, etc. In the end, his account books and dashboards are tools for management and decision support for the entrepreneur.

Our job will be to facilitate yours:

On a daily basis, we provide our accounting expertise and guide entrepreneurs in their management with clear analyzes and tools adapted to the size of their business. For all the events that dot the life of a company Chafii Fiduciary assists you that it is: an enlargement, temporary difficulties, search for financing, transmission, and of course we intervene on all the aspects which concern directly the head of company which it is: asset management, social protection and pension ...

Profitable management will help you to improve your business's chances of success and increase its profits. In addition to profitability, liquidity is another essential objective. Lack of liquidity can threaten a company's long-term survival and cause short-term problems in difficult times. Not only will ensure you the sustainability of your business, but you will also expand its investment opportunities. A sound financial base is essential for the exercise and continuation of an operating activity. Conversely, any activity must generate sufficient financial means to preserve the financial balance and to allow a suitable return.

Trust us

In direct and permanent relationship with you, the firm ensures a reliable and reactive service as well as advice in the crucial areas of the life of your company. The firm accompanies you in your strategy of success and is committed to your side to help make your structure a dynamic and adapted to the needs of your customers.

Whether it is an industrial, commercial or liberal activity, the accounting expert can summarize the activity of the company by giving the accounting a more easily understandable aspect.

Advising the entrepreneur is part of his responsibilities by defining himself as a partner in its own right. This consultancy mission makes the accounting firm a key player in the company whatever its size or sector of activity.

Accounting assignments

We provide for you the following accounting assignments:

  • Administrative management
  • The establishment of the annual accounts
  • The revision of the annual accounts
  • Contractual Audit of Accounts
  • The establishment of pay slips
  • Bookkeeping
  • The establishment of social and tax declarations
  • Evaluation audit

In addition, the firm offers you legal missions for your change of manager, transfer of shares, transfer of head office, creation of companies etc., missions of advice in tax optimization, social and legal, as well as missions of police station to accounts, commission of contributions, the merger, division, and transformation.

Accounting firm by our side

Each customer benefits from an unique and trusted interlocutor, ensuring the confidentiality of your information. We have dematerialized a large part of our administrative management. Indeed, our methods of working in the cloud allow a fast and accurate transmission of information. By digitizing the capture and archiving, the storage of our documents is done with security and ease of research. This performance optimizes our time, and yours.

We make a point of meeting your urgent daily needs. Your case manager, beyond his complete care, takes responsibility for your success. So we maintain the balance of your business. Strategically, this professional relationship is conducive to your on- going and future development.

Whatever the question that you ask yourself, in any case, do not hesitate to contact the firm and make a free appointment with our accounting firm. It will allow you to make a clear point about your situation.

"Clarity is the power"