How to raise funds for a start up?

A start up fundamentally needs cash to cope with its development, unfortunately if the start up in question does not receive a financial boost its development ends very quickly and a startup that has no development and which does not reach the critical size in a defined and often very short time.

What differentiates a start up from other companies is the speed at which it advances, this speed is double-edged, and it can be both upward and downward. So a late diagnosis for a startup means the end of the adventure for this one.

In terms of financing, this is exactly the problem you have to go fast while remaining very efficient.

A precise financial presentation, a strong argumentation, an expertise and a very clear and quantified vision of the future make it possible to convince interested investors.

For a fundraising operation, you need to be accompanied by real professionals and experts to maximize your chances of success. CHAFII FIDUCIARY GROUP, through its expertise and network of partners has developed a real expertise in supporting start-ups in this type of project.

Chafii Fiduciary Group, accounting firms in Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Marseille, Colmar, Nice and Avignon, accompanies entrepreneurs in acquisition operations. The group has all the necessary skills and partners (legal and tax advice, bank financing, forecasting, etc.) to help entrepreneurs to carry out such an operation.

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