How to create a Joint Stock company

You want to establish your Joint stock Company as a status? It will be necessary to perform a number of mandatory formalities. We must be vigilant in these steps: any error of date, signature and any incomplete, incorrect or illegible document is likely to lead to rejection of the registry which will directly delay the creation of your simplified joint stock company.

This is why we detail all the supporting documents to provide, and we guide you in the formalities

Drafting of statutes

In order to create the Joint stock Company, you must write the statutes; this is the very basis of your future Joint Stock Company. The drafting of the statutes is a crucial moment for your future Joint stock company, especially since the Joint stock companys is a very flexible legal form in which we can foresee everything by inserting appropriate clauses. From experience, we find that a good drafting of the statutes protects you and avoids future legal complications.

Chafii Fiduciary Group accounting firms in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Avignon, Nice and Colmar offers tailor-made support to business creators in their approach to creating Joint Stock Company. Our team of lawyers accompanies you in all stages of the creation of your Joint Stock Company.

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The mandatory information in the statutes of a Joint Stock Company?

    The name of the Joint Stock Company.
  • The legal form.
  • The social purpose of the Joint Stock Company.
  • The address of the head office of the Joint Stock Company.
  • The social capital of the Joint Stock company.
  • The contact details of the shareholders, president and CEO of the Joint stock company
  • The composition of the social capital (number of shares, value of each share and share of each shareholder)

Deposit of capital

Chafii Fiduciary GroupIn order to be able to register a Joint Stock company? It is necessary to deposit the social capital in a banking establishment, for simplicity more and more of society deposits their capital in the banks online such as Qonto. Otherwise the classic solution of deposit of capital with a conventional banking institution remains the classic way. At the end of your capital deposit, the financial institution issues you a certificate of deposit of capital. This certificate must be provided with all the necessary documents to the registry of the commercial court to which you are dependent.

Deposit to the business formality center
    Once the statutes have been drafted perfectly and the certificate of deposit of capital obtained, you must deposit all the documents at the center of formality of companies. Here is the list of documents to provide:
  • Id card of the leader
  • Statutes signed and initialed
  • Certificate of deposit of capital
  • The social capital of the Joint Stock company.
  • Certificate of non-conviction of the manager
  • Proof of the address of the head office
  • Form M0 (Declaration of creation of a corporation or other legal person)
  • List of subscribers

For any support during the creation of your Joint stock Company, do not hesitate to contact CHAFII FIDUCIARY GROUP accounting firms in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Avignon, Nice and Colmar to benefit from a tailor-made support.

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