Why outsource the payroll of a company?

Social management in the broad sense is a real job and cannot be improvised. A real challenge for the knowledgeable businessman. The evolution of recent years has made the management of payroll records, social charges etc. extremely complex. As a result, apart from having the means to hire a true payroll and social manager, outsourcing seems to be the most appropriate solution.

For a small or micro-business or medium sized business, internal payroll management is not always the best solution. Saving time, profitability, simplicity, security, efficiency, cost control, outsourcing this complex approach to a provider has many advantages

Social Management

In order to create the Joint stock Company, you must write the statutes; this is the very basis of your future Joint Stock Company. The drafting of the statutes is a crucial moment for your future Joint stock company, especially since the SAS is a very flexible legal form in which we can foresee everything by inserting appropriate clauses. From experience, we find that a good drafting of the statutes protects you and avoids future legal complications.

Respect for legislation:

Social management is a technical and constantly evolving task. Outsourcing is using payroll professionals, which is the core business. This avoids late payments and especially mistakes. Thanks to Chafii Fiduciary Group, your company is assured of respecting the legislation, as we are in legal and permanent legal watch. Thus, your risks are limited. Our social center is made up of real payroll professionals. Our employees are real payroll managers, perfectly master the legislation in force and will be able to advise you throughout our collaboration.

Have the assurance of a fair pay

Our country is world champion of complexity in social and personnel management. The very complex work code, the application of collective agreements, social instability and perpetual changes mean that in France a secure social management according to the rules of art cannot be improvised. The legal watch is tedious and expensive, outsourcing your pay allows you to entrust this step to experts in the field. This ensures that you always have pay slips that are always accurate and in compliance with the new regulations, which protects you from an adjustment in case of control of the administration.

Gain a flexibility

Recruiting a competent payroll manager can be difficult, on the one hand the high cost of the person for the company and on the other hand, the management of the said person within your company. By outsourcing your payroll, you no longer have to worry about these constraints. Indeed, during a sick leave or an unexpected departure of the person in charge of the social management, you can find yourself in a difficult situation to manage. Outsourcing ensures uninterrupted follow-up and an interlocutor always at your disposal.

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