What is profit-sharing?

Profit sharing is a savings plan. It is mandatory for companies with 50 employees for 12 months without interruption and regardless of the nature of their activity and their legal form. It is not essential for other companies.

The purpose of the participation is to make all employees benefit from the good results that the company obtains. A precise method of calculation allows to attribute to the employees a part of the profits which are given to him according to the work of each one. Participation is therefore an important motivation tool. In addition, all employees with fixed-term or permanent contracts with seniority, that is to say 3 months maximum, imposed by the participation agreement can benefit from it.

The sums distributed for participation benefit from both social and tax exemptions. Nevertheless, it is necessary that the device be implemented in accordance with certain general principles. If you have any questions about profit sharing, do not hesitate to contact the Chafii Fiduciary Group.

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