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The buyout is a very important step for a future entrepreneur (in the event of business creation) or for an already installed leader who is doing what is called external growth.

Whether it's a buyout (liberal or commercial) or a title buyout, the approach is totally different. When you buy a fund you buy the customer (or the location more material etc.) However if you buy the securities of a target company, we take all that means the history of the company and its assets and passive and suddenly it will be much more careful.

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The advice of our expert to buy a company

Indeed, the repurchase of title is a delicate operation and a preliminary audit is necessary, it is necessary that the head of company knows exactly what he buys and in this a clause of guarantee of assets and liabilities s' imposed. A repurchase transaction can be very interesting because of the seniority of the acquired company and it is known from experience that this will greatly help the future buyer in the fundraising process, especially if the target company has equity. Therefore.

Regarding the evaluation also the approach is totally different depending on what you buy (securities or funds); we can say the same thing with regard to the appropriate legal status. Finally, regarding the financing aspect, the procedures and guarantees are not the same.

Finally, in order to finance such an operation, the buyer must be able to produce quality and convincing financial documents from funding agencies. The entrepreneur who wishes to perform such an operation must absolutely be accompanied by professionals to secure and ensure the success of the operation.

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