Recruitment of employees, how to do it and how to avoid traps?

Each company in the development phase needs to recruit and recruitment is part of the day-to-day business. In France, the labor code is very strict and risk of litigation with employees very high, the slightest mistake in recruitment can be fatal for the company. We even noted the disappearance of many companies following multiple conflicts with employees.

Hiring an employee requires real personalized support from a specialist in the field. Social law cannot be improvised, it is a real job.

    • Recruitment plan and technique: Before recruiting a future employee, the following questions must be asked:
  • Required profile?
  • The tolerable cost for the employee (it is necessary to double the net salary to get an idea of the total cost of the employee)
  • The tolerable cost for the employee (it is necessary to double the net salary to get an idea of the total cost of the employee)
  • Margin on fixed cost of the employee?
  • Periodicity? (indeterminate, determined)
  • Part time or full?
  • Starting date? Trial period?
  • Consultation of your collective agreement?
  • Direct recruitment or through a firm?
  • Once you have answered these questions, but it would be appropriate to answer some questions by consulting a real professional, you can move on to the recruitment stage.

      • Recruitment plan and technique:

      Never make an employee work without having him sign the employment contract, there is a real risk it must be borne in mind that an employee who starts his activity without a contract of employment is considered to be hired without a probationary period.

      If you have made a promise of employment you have the obligation to take the employee, even if you stop his contracts during the trial period, your promise to hire engages you, do never forget that.

      Follow closely the hours of your employees, and the management of overtime, absences, etc.

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