How to choose your accounting firm?

Every company must ensure that its accounting is kept in the state of the art. To do this, many companies entrust their accounting to an accounting firm. What are the important criteria for choosing the right accounting firm? In France there are thousands of accounting firms, of all sizes, and with different rates and varied, sometimes ranging from one to two for the same benefit. Soliciting the services of a chartered accountant has become a need to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Profession of the accountants

With a perfect mastery of business management, this specialist is your right hand man who will advise you, he will recommend the best solution in time to optimize the management of your company. From the creation of your company, through the bookkeeping and accounting review to social and tax declarations, the accountant offers tailor-made support. The accountant will be your first certified and sworn partner in your business creation project to accompany you from an accounting, fiscal, legal and social point of view. The chartered accountant is registered at the order of the accountants, he must follow the ethical code for the profession of accountant, and he also enjoys professional liability insurance to guarantee the work performed by his care.

What tasks for the accounting firm

Chafii Fiduciary Group has all the necessary skills in-house, is able to offer you tailor-made services, according to your request, our strength is our multidisciplinary team and each collaborator is expert in a specific field. Our accounting group will be able to answer all your requests. Accounting experts must first determine your specific needs. What services are needed? Depending on the activity of your company, the nature of the work to entrust it is necessary to target the accounting firm in question. Simple accounting and production of year-end balance sheet, tax advice, legal sharp point, tailored support on complex accounting and legal operations, and all these tasks must first be defined.

Choose the geographical location

The geographic location of your accounting firm is an important selection criterion. When you choose your accountant, you have the choice to choose a chartered accountant close to you, or an online accounting firm. These are two very different approaches to your relationship with your accountant. In our experience, a business owner who opts for his online accounting firm primarily seeks the cheapest cabinet at the expense of quality and proximity to his accounting firm, but very often a step regrettable later for the same entrepreneur.

In the Chafii Fiduciary Group, we have seen a significant number of entrepreneurs who had opted initially for an online accounting firm and gradually it turned out that this type of accounting is a real detriment to the life of the company. 'Business. Proximity and tailor-made advice are our essential assets.

Chafii Fiduciary Group, accounting firms in Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Marseille, Colmar, Nice and Avignon, accompanies entrepreneurs in acquisition operations. The group has all the necessary skills and partners (legal and tax advice, bank financing, forecasting, etc.) to help entrepreneurs to carry out such an operation.

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