Cash register: what are the tax and accounting obligations?

The provision of reliable accounting is essential in the event of a tax audit; an evidentiary accounting is based on documents proving the certainty of the daily payment and collection operations.

Positive cash balance

A daily cash balance cannot be negative because there can be more outputs than entries. If this were to happen, it would be important to look for and correct the causes that caused this anomaly.

Reconciliation of the real balance with the balance determined on the agenda

The daily cash balance determined on the agenda must correspond to the actual balance physically present at the cash desk. There may be small differences arising from the currency rendering gap. On the other hand, if the gaps are larger, it is necessary to do research to justify this margin.

Revenue rationale

Daily revenue must be explained on a daily basis, it is required.

It is important to keep these supports because in the event of a tax audit, they can be requested.

The absence of supporting documents or the provision of insufficiently detailed documents can have important consequences. The tax administration can reject the accounting and also raise the revenue. As a result, this will have an impact on both the taxation of profits and the VAT.

Certified cashier system

Since January 1, 2018, the cash register system must meet compliance criteria such as:

  • Immutability.
    • Securing.
      • The conversation.
        • The archiving of all the data (contributing directly or indirectly to the realization of a transaction involved in the formation of the result).
        • Compliance with the obligation may be established either by an individual attestation from the publisher of the accounting or management software or the cash system, or by the presentation of a certificate issued by an accredited body.

          The repercussions can be important for a company that cannot justify the conformity of the software or systems used. It can be fined € 7,500 and must regularize its situation within 60 days.

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