Missions of our Expert accountants



    We manage all your accounting obligations, from the maintenance to the establishment of the annual accounts. Advice for your employer's obligations, taking care of ....

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    Company creations, restructurings, modifications, closures ... We manage all your steps from the drafting of the statutes until obtaining the Kbis.

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Tax and legal optimization


    The council is at the center of our activities. In order to capitalize on your market and increase the durability of your business, it is necessary to analyze regularly ....

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    We intervene in any type of company requiring the intervention of an auditor or commissioner of contributions. We also intervene ....

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Accounting firm with the services of micro- businesses /
Small or Medium - sized businesses

Chafii Fiduciary Group is a multidisciplinary accounting firm at the service of small and medium-sized businesses.

Located in Ile-de-France, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine Chafii Fiduciary Group is a multidisciplinary accounting firm, working with a large number of companies in the areas of accounting, consulting and auditing.

Registered with the National Company of Statutory Auditors of Paris as well as the Order of Chartered Accountants of Paris, Ile de France, the Chafii Fiduciary Group founded by NIMA Chafii assists managers in their business projects by offering a wide range Services.

The accounting firm Chafii Fiduciary assists its clients in the implementation of management tools useful to the good management of their company.

The Group's role is to assist Small or Medium sized Businesses / Small or Medium industries and micro - businesses in the daily management of administrative and financial tasks and in their growth strategies.

We also assist large companies in accounting system migrations, optimization and reorganization of accounting and financial services.

The consulting services offered by our firm are carried out in accordance with the ethical rules that govern the profession of accountants.

Always on the cutting edge of accounting news, we support you in all your projects.

The Chafii Fiduciary Group is above all a team s above all a team of professional accountants, dynamic, responsive, human scale and close to its customers.

Whatever your industry, we support you in every step of your business life. Learn more about our accountancy activity.

Our Approach :

Finding an adequate solution for each request above all understands your needs. For that, before any mission, we propose you a meeting before announcing your expectations.

Because we know that your approach is an investment for your company, we will study your request as much as possible before adapting to your needs, but also to your budget.

Our Values :

The Chafii Fiduciary Group acts as a Consulting Partner of your company

Our skills associated with proximity with business leaders allow us to perform a wide variety of missions in many sectors of intervention (management and finance, accounting, taxation, social management, management).

Our firm assists the manager and other stakeholders in all operations related to the life of their business and in the application of legislative and regulatory measures.

We propose to our customers to become their sole interlocutor in their project or to form a round table with the partners necessary for the accomplishment of your legal projects or investments.

Our strengths :

  • Quality work done by experienced employees
  • A partnership with lawyers and other providers from the world of finance to benefit from preferential rates on certain services
  • Packages adapted to the needs of each client
  • Transparency on our rates
  • Fees calculated according to your volume and not according to your turnover, revised upwards or downwards each year depending on the context
  • The payment of fees in the form of monthly payments to better control your cash flow
  • Altys Conseil
  • Bleu Voyelle
  • Groupe Fiduciaire Chafii - Expertise comptable
  • Altys Conseil
  • Bleu Voyelle
  • MFC AUDIT : Expertise comptable - Audit - Commissariat aux comptes

The accountant, what is it for ?

The accountant establishes the accounts of companies (craftsmen, bosses of Small or Medium sized business, industrials, entrepreneurs, farmers ...). It prepares the annual balance sheets, establishes the financial results of the company (profits and losses) and the projected budgets (what the company plans to spend and earn).The entrepreneur thus sees more clearly in his activity and knows the state of health and performance of his company.

The "numbers" are not an end in themselves: the account is a tool for a real development strategy.

In addition, the accountant is a team player, he is helped by collaborators. He does not enter the numbers himself on the computer. He delegates a lot. And he's much more than just a specialist in the company's accounting (profits and losses) and budget estimates (what the company plans to spend and earn).The entrepreneur thus sees more clearly in his activity and knows the state of health and performance of his company.

He is involved in many other fields: taxation, finance, human resources, IT, corporate strategy. Certified public accountants are the only professionals authorized to establish the accounts of companies. Otherwise, it is illegal practice and it can be expensive for fraudsters because it is an offense punishable by fines.

The account is also used to prepare tax and social returns. Every company has to pay taxes and expenses, calculated according to its results, its profits ... and thus its accounts.

The accountant draws up all the tax declarations, but his role goes further: he advises the company so that it can benefit from the reductions to which it is entitled. He assists in case of tax audit.

Your accounting firm Chafii Fiduciary group helps you to go through the 4 important steps in the success of your company: :

  1. The administrative and accounting organization
  2. Control
  3. Management and cash management
  4. Strategic advice

Our Group innovates on a daily basis to simplify and secure the production of financial and management information for our clients. We also identify solutions that enable them to achieve their business objectives while minimizing risks. Chafii Fiduciary accompanies them in their strategic choices and all their projects of development and improvement of performances.

With the Chafii Fiduciary Group, accounting expertise is no longer just a snapshot of your past. It becomes a tool for building your future. Led by our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Founder Mr. NIMA CHAFII, chartered accountant and auditor, surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are at your disposal to advise you, build, and develop in accounting management, tax, financial and social.